How we help

Helping those in need

Pledge helps local people living in poverty, such as those who are homeless or unemployed by providing a holistic approach to the way we help. We provide digital skills training, non-repayable grants, and talking therapy to help people live the highest quality of life possible.

Digital Skills

1 in 5 adults in the U.K have no or low basic digital skills, and Pledge is on a mission to train these adults to survive in an increasingly digital world. Beginning in 2020, Pledge will launch its basic digital skills training to educate and empower thousands of adults to live their highest quality of life.


Grants are initially small, and non-repayable. They can be used to buy things like bedding for someone moving into a home for the first time, or for clothes for someone attending a job interview.

Talking Therapy

Talking helps. Pledge offers talking therapy to those who most need it. Getting access to a counsellor is essential to keep your mind in tip top condition when you need it most.

Coming 2020