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Stamp out homelessness this coming winter

sign our PETITION for World homelessness day and week on October 1oth to end homelessness and scrap the Vagrancy Act

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What is homelessness day/week?

The World Homeless Day / Homelessness Awareness Week, or sometimes called homeless day, hunger & homelessness week, is a national and worldwide day on October 10th, each year. 

This year, homeless awareness day falls on a Thursday and charities and organisations all across the world will be raising awareness for local homeless issues and to also campaign to scrap the Vagrancy Act.

The main aims for homeless week are to raise awareness, change stereotypes, highlight the great work of the sector and build links between users, services and the public.

This October, Pledge will be raising awareness of the great work being done across Manchester and Edinburgh, and we’re asking members of the public to sign our petition to ‘Stamp Out Homelessness’ and to also scrap the Vagrancy Act. 

Homelessness Awareness Week is also known as:

  • Homelessness Week
  • Homeless Week
  • World Homeless Week
  • Homelessness Day
  • World Homeless Day

The main reasons why Homelessness Awareness Week is needed:

  • Raise awareness 
  • Change stereo types of homelessness
  • Highlight the great work in the homeless sector
  • Build links in the homeless sector


Important dates for your calendar:


Homelessness Week: October 7th – 13th, 2019

Homeless Day: October 10th, 2019

Homelessness Week: October 7th - 13th

Get Involved

Sign our Petition

Our petition is about sending a message to those in power, we'll deliver the petition with signatures to local government and demand action this homeless week 2019 to scrap the Vagrancy Act.

Shout about It

Share our petition on social media to your friends and work colleagues. It will help spread the message far and wide and get others involved.

Start a Conservation

When you see a person who is homeless, say hi. Ask them how they are, and if they are accessing local services. Councils are a great resources and place to start.

Homelessness Day: October 10th, 2019

Stamp Out Homelessness - Pledge

Sign the 'Homelessness Awareness
week' petition

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