Get Involved

How to support Pledge

Join us on our mission

Helping Pledge on our mission to end poverty is more flexible than you think. Support us by taking part in a sponsored run, or just make a one-off donation, the choice is yours. We’re always on hand to help you get started, providing you with a helping hand if you need ideas. So what will you do? Fundraise, donate and get involved with a local, ethical charity to help end poverty.

Run / Cycle

Whether you like running, cycling, obstacle courses or swimming, getting fit for charity has never felt so good and you can do it and raise money for charity.


Don’t have time on your side? Making a one-off or monthly donation can provide help to those in need, your donation will help fund & support our year-round work with those living in poverty.


Buy your stuff on online as usual, and pay the same price you usually would. The only difference is the retailer donates to Pledge when you do. It's as easy as that!

Pledge Lottery

Join the Pledge lottery and be in the chance of winning a £25,000 prize if you match all six numbers in the correct order. It's easy to signup and support us, and it's a win-win for both!

Eat & Drink

Pledge has partnered with some of the biggest names in food & drink to make it even easier to donate to Pledge, at no cost to you. Deliveroo, KFC, yo!, Brewdog are all included.

Another way?

If you have a suggestion for another way to help, just let us know. You may never know unless you ask and it could be something small or big, but it could mean a lot to us.