World Homeless Day

Each year, on October 10th, world homeless day is celebrated across the globe.

The concept of ‘World Homeless Day’ emerged from online discussions between people working to respond to homelessness from various parts of the world.

The Inaugural World Homeless Day was marked on the 10th of October 2010 and continues to be celebrated ever since.

Since its founding, World Homeless Day has been observed on every continent except Antarctica, this is a pretty amazing feat.

This World Homeless Day, you can get involved and help those in your local community, here are our top 3 ways you can make your own personal impact.

Dine and Donate

In a quest to make it easier for our supporters to donate and help local people in need, we’ve partnered with smart donate app, ‘Percent’.

Percent has partnered with some of the biggest names in food & drink to make it even easier to donate to Pledge, at no cost to you.

Some partners include:

  • Deliveroo
  • KFC
  • Byron
  • Brewdog
  • Itsu
  • + more big brands in the app.

This impressive list of partners means than whenever you eat or drink at one of these places, they automatically donate to Pledge on your behalf. It doesn’t cost you a penny!

Get Fit

You can get fit and also support Pledge by signing up for a run, cycle or fun run at an event near you.

Whether you like running, cycling, obstacle courses or swimming, getting fit for charity has never felt so good and you can do it and raise money for charity.


Don’t have time on your side? Making a one-off or monthly donation can provide help to those in need, your donation will help fund & support our year-round work with those living in poverty.

As a registered charity, we can also claim an extra 25& on top of what you doante, to further increase the impact of your donation.

Join the other regular supporters by signing up to a direct debit, or by making a one-off yearly donation.

Whichever option you choose to get involved this year, take a moment to remember those people more vulnerable than us who deserve the help and support to enable them to live long fulfilling lives.


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