Three Ways To Help People Who Are Homeless This Christmas

Homeless person sat outside at Christmas

With winter fast approaching and Christmas only weeks away, it’s a time to be festive, cheerful and full of joy. This time of year is normally spent with friends, loved and celebrating with those around us. We need to not forget all those across the U.K who are homeless this Christmas. Homelessness includes those who are sofa surfing, living in hostels or temporary accommodation and those who are rough sleeping.

This time of year for those who are homeless is usually difficult and sometimes emotionally distressing, especially when not knowing where you will spend Christmas day or even the rest of the year into 2020.

Being homeless at Christmas doesn’t have to be sad for those in need, and Pledge is on a mission to help those in need feel like they can enjoy the Christmas period. We’re opening up our phone lines this Christmas so that you or someone in need can call us if you see or spot someone who is homeless. There are ways you can help us too:

Say hi and write a Christmas card
This may sound super-easy, but just stopping and saying hi to someone you see who is homeless at Christmas can make a massive difference. If you see someone regularly, why not write them a Christmas card? Talking really does make a difference, and it could cheer someone up this festive period.

Tell them Pledge is here to help
If you see someone outside, let them know that Pledge can help talk through their options. We’re operating our phone lines over Xmas, every day. So let them know they can call us on 0161 505 1985 and we can talk to them and offering advice and support.

Get involved with us
We have tons of ways to get involved, from running, cycling, joining our Pledge Lottery, or by donating. There are 5 ways over on our Get Involved page, and they’re all easy, straightforward and impactful.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a sad time for those who are homeless, or on the streets. Pledge is here to help and over Christmas, we will be ready at our phones to offer advice and support. When you are out Christmas shopping, meeting friends for food and drink, take a moment to stop by someone on pavement and say hi, and tell them we can help.

You can help too, by getting involved and supporting Pledge this Christmas. It’s easy and our website is full of ways that work for you.

Spare a thought this Christmas to help someone who is homeless or rough sleeping.

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