Sleepout Manchester – How to raise homeless awareness the right way

]A sleepout a.k.a homeless sleepout, CEO sleepout, sleepout Manchester, is a great way to raise awareness for a cities homelessness and to also raise vital important funds for rough sleepers in your local city. We here at Pledge have been asked, What is the best homeless sleepout? Is it the best way to help and where to find the 2018 sleepouts?

Let’s get stuck right in.

Homeless sleepout’s, what are they and how do they work

Homeless sleepouts have been running in Greater Manchester and across the country for over ten years. Bringing large groups of charity supporters together to support the same cause is a wonderful thing, and it also helps raise local funds, for charities doing hands-on work in local communities.

The idea of a sleepout is that you choose a charity who is running a sleepout, (see out list further down) you raise money for the sleepout and on a particular day, normally when it’s not summer you sleep out in the cold with the rest of the charities fundraisers. You aim to get an experience of what it’s like to live on the street, albeit in a very controlled manner.

How to find a local sleepout in Manchester

There are numerous sleepouts in Greater Manchester, where all the money raised goes towards helping those people we see day-to-day in our city.

The best way to find a sleepout is to search Google, look for charities in Greater Manchester who operate sleepouts and ask friends who have taken part in one before.


When looking for a homeless sleepout in 2018/2019, do your research. We’ve put together a handy three-point checklist to help you.

– Attend a sleepout by local Greater Manchester based charities
– Ask for examples of where the money raised goes

If you know of a local charity who is helping fight our cities homeless challenges, either through a sleep out or not and would like us to us know, get in touch using our contact page.

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