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History of Running

Running dates as far back as 776 B.C., and the first event of the first-ever Olympic Hames was a foot race. In 490 B.C., a Greek soldier named Pheidippides is said to have run the first-ever marathon, 25 miles to Athens, Greece. The run wasn’t something he was inspired to do to help a local charity; it was to deliver news of a military victory against the Persians.

Fast forward to 1896, and the organisers for the first-ever international Olympic Hames paid tribute to Pheidippides, by holding a marathon, clocking in at 24.85 miles. In 1908, the marathon was then established as 26.2 miles at the London Olympics, as the rest, as they say, was history.

5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon

Since running has become such a popular sport, there have been numerous ways that people can get involved.

In recent years runners worldwide have now been offered professionally organised events where you can run:

  • 10K Run
  • 5K Run
  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon

If you’re looking for a bit of fun, you can also take part in; Tough Mudder, Fun Runs, The Colour Run, Big Fun Run, Dog Runs and even runs with Obstacles.

Depending on your skill level and the amount of time you have to prepare for a run, you may decide to go for:

  • fun run with little preparation needed
  • 10k, where you need 6-8 weeks preparation
  • Marathon, a few months preparation

Running for Charity

One thing that most socially conscious people are ever increasingly doing is running a 10k or marathon for charity.

There are a few reasons people run for charity, these include:

  • Charities offer discounted or free places to runs
  • You’re helping local people in need
  • You’re even more motivated to complete the race
  • The charity helps you raise sponsorship for the race

When you decide to choose a charity, you do get a sense of achievement when you have the support and backing from the charity. Every year hundreds of thousands of people decide to make a difference and support a local charity. When a charity contributes towards or even pays in full your entry fee to a 5K, 10K or marathon, it can make a world of difference to the charity you’re supporting when you raise sponsorship.

What next?

Set your sights on a race in your local area or even further afield and choose a local registered and ethical charity, such as Pledge. When you run for Pledge by using JustGiving, you get the support from our fantastic team. We also only set modest fundraising targets to make it fun and achievable.

You can signup for a run now by using JustGiving or filling out your contact details to get in touch with us if you need help deciding.

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