Fin’s Story

Who are you?

Hi, Finlay Hayes, I’m a Pledge ambassador.

Which matter to you most when supporting a charity like Pledge?

For me, it’s supporting a local charity, that helps local people.

Why is it essential to support a local charity versus a national charity?

You can make a difference in your local community, and when a charity is just around the corner, there is a greater sense of accountability.

Why should we care about those who are homeless and those who are rough sleeping on the streets of Manchester?

Manchester’s community is made up of those with and without a roof over their head. With homelessness growing in our city, we need to combat the issue and address the questions and problems within society that cause people to find themselves on the street. Mancunians are known for their warmth and hospitality, and we need to ensure those most in need have the community helping them to get back on their feet.

What about the facts around homelessness?

Education on homeless is still weak, and many people either do not know the reasons that lead up to people finding themselves homeless or are blindsided by preconceived perceptions of those on the street which prevent them from wanting to help.

Become a Pledge Ambassador

Being an individual or corporate ambassador for Pledge is about being part of a movement, a local ethical cause that means something to the community. We welcome ambassadors from all walks of life if you care about those living in poverty and want to make a difference, welcome to the team.

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