Jasons’ Story: Interview

Jamie; Hi Jason, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me, my name is Jamie and I am a volunteer for Pledge, working to create content to inspire other young people like yourself and raise awareness for the charity. I am excited to be having this chat because it means, with your permission, that we can share your story to inspire and make a difference in people’s lives.  

My name is Jason, I’m 17, and I was born in Manchester.

Jamie; Thank you and where are you living these days?

Jason; I’m still living Homeless accommodation for young people, I’ve been there just over a year and two to three month.

Jamie; and how have you found it since you have been there?

Jason; It’s been up and down during the time I have stayed at Safe Stop. but I’ll definitely say that it caused a massive change in my outlook. I came in not really wanting to know, see or do anything, and now it’s just like I want to be out of there to do my own thing.

Jamie; Cool, when you go out, what kind of things do you like to do?

Jason; Personally, I like to be more creative than academic, not to say that I don’t like academic at all but in my spare time, I usually like to draw, create music or just try to do stuff on the computer, things like video editing and programming.

Jamie; That sounds great, what music do you record?

Jason; I usually play piano, in the past I have learnt songs from music videos that you can get off the internet, and on very rare occasions I try to make my own stuff, when I have, it’s not been that bad. When I record, I get all the keys and notes that I will be using in the song and put them into the music program. The first one I used was one called #LMMS, it’s a really simple and free, it’s a good place to start.

Jamie; Cool, I play music as well and it great to hear how you have approached making music. You also mentioned that you like to program and draw in your spare time as well, is this something you’d like to do in the future?

Jason; Ultimately, I’d like to become a games designer, there’s not any particular field that I’d want to do. I just want to be making games for the sole reason to educate and entertain people, and I feel like games are the most effective way to do that because say with movies or books, it’s basic, like your doing one thing, but with video games its like your multitasking, so it gets your brain working at a lot of different points. so it more like your taking in information at a greater rate.  

Jamie; That makes a lot of sense, I have heard that there has been scientific studies about the positive cognitive effect that gaming can have, and so I must ask, do you play games?

Jason; Yes, I play a lot of games when I am in,  usually, I tend to play single player story games, my all time favourite one is #TheLastOfUs, and the runner up is one called #Naramata, aside from them, on occasion I play shooter and puzzle games. 

Jamie; I understand what you mean, and what drew you to play The Last of Us and Naramata?


Jason; For The Last Of Us, the story and the execution of it, as well as the sound track as well, it was different, I don’t know, it finds a way to hit you, it’s gritty, and it doesn’t hold back. It’s like it has a story to tell and it tells it without censoring anything. For Naramata, i’ll give its sound track a ten, and the story was awesome, it was about the android increasing awareness of humanity and their own self awareness. The graphics for Naramata were really good as well, the environment they created was amazing, the colour scheme, everywhere would be different but it would be full of life, even the barren place would want to explore everywhere, phenomenal.

Jamie; It’s great to hear the passion and attention to detail that you have for the games, and I think it’s great that you know what you want to do and are pursuing it. When you have become a successful games designer, what are your plans for the future?

Jason; I don’t know, I’d just like to stick to what I am doing now and progress through college to gain the qualifications I need to become a game designer. In the future I’d like to travel, I don’t want to stay in manchester my whole life. In the meanwhile, I just want to keep making music, art, games, to show people that there’s more than one way of thinking, doing things, it’s not a straight path for anything. 

Jamie; Definitely, and I think it’s a great age to be in with the internet and all the platforms and community that you can access and feed off. Speaking of community, do you have anyone that you like and socialise with in Safe Stop?

Jason; Yes, I got a couple of friends in there however a lot of people are moving out, almost all of my friends are gone now, there’s just got one left, and then once she’s gone, it’ll just be me that has been there the longest. So everyone will be new from then on, which is part of the reason that I want to get out.

Jamie; Yes, I appreciate what you mean, as part of your experiences with Pledge, how have you found the mentoring that you have received through where you are currently living?

Jason; Personally, I found it really good, it definitely helped because it was the only thing that I did stick with, for anything else, I would for a few sessions, even my therapy, and think that it’s not for me, making any excuse to not do it. The cause that it would lead to was something I was really fond of, and in that, it would benefit me in the future, it was one thing that I wanted to carry on. *needs to make sure sense, not sure how to interpret. 

Jamie; How would define your therapy sessions from safe stop mentoring?

Jason; Mentoring is a lot more loose, therapy is more professional in the way they talk and what you have to say, personally therapy is a bit iffy because you have to do a lot of talking about yourself and your own experience, mentoring is more about what you want to do rather than who you were. 

Jamie; Can you sum up your experiences with Pledge?

Jason; I’d say it was incredibly positive, not only did it help get the equipment I need to pursue what im doing and give it a head start, it was fun to do, it’s not to say it wasn’t anything that I hadn’t done before but I’d say a really engaging form of it. 

I’d like to conclude the interview, say thank you for agreeing to chat with me today, and that Pledge is interested in the progress that you make in the future, so keep going!

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