Impact Report 2018

2018 has been a tremendous year for Pledge and the people we help. We’ve been involved in some fantastic projects, as well as directly benefiting the people we are committed to supporting.

109 People Helped in 2018

Throughout 2018, we have directly supported 109 people who are either homeless or unemployed. Some examples of actual help include:

  • Donated three simple basic phones to people who were homeless or unemployed, including a person that has now gone into rehab.
  • Donated razor blades and socks to help keep homeless people clean and dry.
  • Donated a television to a person who has just moved into their accommodation after moving on from a halfway house.
  • Gave a homeless woman hats and gloves and referred them to Manchester City Council and Lifeshare for further housing support.

A massive thank you to Reachout, Lifeshare and Jack Broadley.


In 2018 we launched our innovative social media campaign, where you can donate the price of your coffee to help someone in poverty. We’ve seen some fantastic support of this campaign, and we’ve decided to keep it running throughout 2019. Swap your coffee here.

Homeless in Manchester Exhibition

In November, we put together an exhibition at WeWork to mark the International Homelessness and Arts Summit and Festival. Our exhibition alone had over 50 individuals attend, and the feedback we had was overwhelmingly positive.

This week-long celebration organised by With One Voice was an insight into the fantastic work happening in the world of homelessness across Greater Manchester and the world. Delegates attended from all corners of the globe and shared ideas and experiences to help us all achieve the same goal, of ending homelessness.

A massive thank you to our artists: Women of MASHGiuseppina ArdolinoKal Gill-FaciTony MallonIlisa Stack, Sam Parrish-Lyne

And: HOBS, WeWork, Andrew Brooks, British Council

In the latter part of 2018, we reached out to the corporate sector including large contractors, consultants, suppliers and design practices in the property and construction industry who are very conscious of the local community and want to help those who are homeless in Greater Manchester.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have already met with several organisations who are keen to work with us closely moving forward.

Throughout 2019 we are looking to expand our partnership reach and bring on board a more diverse range of companies who care about Greater Manchester and are willing to collaborate to make an even more significant impact on helping those who live in poverty.

In parallel with this work, we will be forming close relationships with support workers in homeless charities to provide the support where it is needed most and immediately.

– Kal Gill-Faci, Head of Corporate Engagement, Pledge  

Thank you

2018 has been a truly inspirational year, with support from business, charities and individuals. All of these have helped us to help those who are living in poverty, whether you have helped us through online donations, charity runs or regular monthly donations, you’ve all made a massive difference.

If you have ideas on how to help and want to support is, please get in touch.

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