Homeless in Manchester Exhibition Roundup

Back in November, we put together an exhibition at WeWork to mark the International Homelessness and Arts Summit and Festival. This week-long celebration organised by With One Voice was an insight into the fantastic work happening in the world of homelessness across Greater Manchester and the world. Delegates attended from all corners of the globe and shared ideas and experiences to help us all achieve the same goal, of ending homelessness.

After being invited to take part in the International Arts & Homelessness Festival, we began to think about what we could show to the public that was related in a strong way to the homeless in Manchester. Arts is vital in helping people who are homeless to rebuild their lives, through building confidence and self-worth. This then enables them to take more significant, more important life steps that they were too scared to before.

Homeless in Manchester exhibition

Our photography exhibition showcased the stories of hope and aspiration of those living and working on the streets of Greater Manchester. The collections of photography range from those who are or have been homeless, the general public and those who work in the homelessness sector across Manchester. All of the works will show that we’re all the same when everything else is stripped away and that you should not judge a person based on their current circumstances, but look at them for where they’ve come from, and where they are going.

Thank You

A massive thank you to our artists: Women of MASHGiuseppina ArdolinoKal Gill-FaciTony MallonIlisa Stack, Sam Parrish-Lyne

And: HOBS, WeWork, Andrew Brooks, British Council


You’re free to use the above photography, but please credit ‘Andrew Brooks – British Council’.


Our exhibition, was part of the wider International Arts & Homeless Festival. For more information on the festival and it’s legacy, please visit With One Voice.

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